An Easy Guide for Farmville 2 with Tips and Cheats

ecent players of Farmville 2 can consider strategy guides to play the game with advantage without using real cash even for premium purchases. Such tips and tricks are proven to be effective. Many players are using it already from its Facebook version. Given here is the list:

  1. Changing Clock – Farmville 2 Country Escape Cheat: This cheat is so easy and a real cheat. Change the clock of your system. It works for the Country Escape game too as on other games it has proved successful. Make the system clock go forward. Thus, if you have started fishing a Poppy’s Pond that takes eight hours, by changing the clock eight hours ahead you will be able to finish up your task instantly. Everyone can do this easy cheat without using any third party software or without downloading anything.
  2. Coins Are Important for the Game: If you are a serious player and want to dominate the game, focus on getting more and more coins. A good source of coins is the Farm Orders board where your harvested items or crated items can be sold to let you earn more coins. Instead of selling them to the shop directly, you can post them here for your desired price for other farmers to buy them for their own purposes. Inside Farmville 2, there are lots of other players who are likely to purchase your items. You just need to have patience and tag a good price as high priced items have less chances of being bought.
  3. Getting More Keys and More Coins Easily: Try conserving your keys. Coins are primary currency and for Farmville iOS and Android version app, keys are the premium resource or currency. Just like the Farm bucks in original Farmville, these keys are used to move the process fast or speed up growing processes or production. The main source of keys is the in-app purchase that asks you to pay for 1500 keys or when downloading Farmville 2 cheats, players get unlimited keys for free. You will be having unlimited keys with you as you start playing the game; the tutorial will then ask you to make things fast and speed up the process. Here, the trick is that you should not follow as the tutorial says and try to conserve your keys.
  4. Try to Get Free Resources Mostly: When players are not willing to spend cash and use cheats, they are still left with the option of claiming the free resources. A Grandma will be there in the game, giving you resources like nail, XP, barriers, and many more every 15 minutes.
  5. Upgrade Always: When you upgrade structures and buildings, go for enhancing their level to get maximum output. An up-gradation will help in creating double batches and lessening the wait time. This will require more supplies for finishing up the jobs and also to increase the production time.
  6. Playing Game with Neighbours Who Are Active: Players should not just add friends, but should have good neighbours too who will trade and favour one another. Adding them will give more farmhands.

By trying these tips and cheats, you will reach higher levels in Farmville 2 than your competitor players. There are many more tips available for this game apart from the above mentioned. However, these easy tips will help you beat your competitors effectively.