Installing An Aluminum Awning

Many awning companies sell do-it-yourself awning kits. If you are using the guidelines you learn here combined with the instructions supplied with your package it ought to be a simple project.

You’ll begin by placing the gutter and hanger on the couple of saw horses. Convey a tape-measure around the gutter making a pencil mark at each feet. Perform the same goes with the hanger. These marks is going to be used later to help keep the panels running square.

Then you should install the hanger in your home using 1 1/2″ hex mind screws. On top side from the hanger, near the alucabond, operate a bead of silicone. You’ll later install flashing over this and seal again, case added insurance against leaks.

Preparing the gutter happens. Begin by arriving 18″ from each finish from the gutter and put an indication for the finish brackets. You will have to perform a little math to evenly space all of your brackets. Attach each bracket towards the gutter with your self tapping screw placed near an internal corner. This will make it simpler to return and drill the holes to insert the actual process.

Before you decide to attach the posts the publish brackets it is advisable to cut them lower to size. This task again involves just a little math. Put the gutter as near to it’s permanent location as possible. Measure out of the home and eyeball it square. This is because exact as you have to be at the moment. Making use of your level and a few wood blocks as shims level the gutter around the saw horses. More often than not one finish from the gutter is going to be closer down compared to other.

Start at this finish and visit the hanger. Appraise the distance down. You will want a minimum of one half inch per feet of slope for your awning. In case your hanger is 9′ off the floor and also the projection of the awning is 12′ the first publish ought to be 8′ 6″.

This gives your awning a 6″ slope. Measure in the ground towards the gutter where the first publish is going to be. Visit the second publish and measure, the main difference in measurements will be included to the 8′ 6″ whenever you reduce your second publish. Do that until all the posts are cut towards the correct length.

Once the posts are cut they may be connected to the publish brackets around the gutter. This can be done exactly the same way because the brackets to gutter. Contain the posts in position having a self tapping screw when you drill holes and insert the bolts.