Tips For Preparing Electronic Tenders

Enough time leading up to the deadline for the electronic tender submission (e-tender) can be stressful. Here are some tips to be aware of in advance that may help to avoid the particular pitfalls waiting for the unwary. It is easiest to prepare your current responses in a Word document and also, when you are happy with them, resistant read, spell check and after that copy and paste in the live online response web form.

Keep within the maximum quantity of words or characters which can be allowed, usually stated under Licitacion electronica. (This often requires several thoughtful editing to produce short and snappy replies that keep to the level and answer the query. ) Convert appendices to be able to. pdf files wherever possible in order to avoid overloading in terms of size and protect the documents coming from being accidentally edited. Several documents, for example Excel data files, may not display correctly when converted, so always cautiously check them and if inside doubt, leave in the authentic format.

Give documents titles that make it clear what they are, or maybe that relate to a particular need or section. You don’t would like to annoy your customer by looking into making location of each appendix quite like solving a cryptic crossword clue! Be careful to load parts into the correct sections, for instance , financial info into the Business section and case studies into your Technical section. If not sure, attach them to both, since reviewers may be different for every single section so may skip essential appendices.

Make sure you have got answered all the mandatory concerns, even though some may not seem to be relevant to you. They are usually designated with a red asterisk as well as similar. Not providing a answer, even if it is simply “N/A” could disqualify your entire submitting! Uploading always takes more time than you think it will. Add standard documents such as insurance policies and certificates ahead of time therefore you reduce the number of files to take care of at the end. At all costs, avoid eleventh hour uploading because if your competitors have left it late and also you are all on the site at the same time, it could not work fast adequate or could even stop working entirely – resulting in you absent the deadline.